The Society

The society was founded in 1967 with the aim of promoting the advancement of the earth sciences in Malaysia and the Southeast Asian (S.E.A) region. Currently, it has a membership of more than 600 earth scientists worldwide of various disciplines and expertise.

The society is active in organizing conferences such as the GEOSEA, Annual Geological Conference (AGC) and Petroleum Geology Conference (PGC). We also organize technical talks, field trips and forums for our members.

Our collaborators are:

- Mineral and Geoscience Department Malaysia (formerly known as Geological Survey of Malaysia)
- Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
- University of Malaya
- Universiti Sains Malaysia
- Universiti Malaysia Sarawak
- Institute of Geology Malaysia

The membership of the society is not only limited to geology graduates, lecturers and professionals, but it is also open to other science students, including those majoring in geophysics and engineering.

The society publishes the Bulletin of the Geological Society of Malaysia and a bimonthly newsletter named Warta Geologi. A comprehensive list of past publications by the society can be obtained in this website or you may search the "Bibliography and Subject Index" in our 'Bookstore' folder.

Do check out this page periodically for the society's latest news and activities. For enquiries regarding the membership in the society or the society's latest development and programmes, please contact the society for further info at